OneMain Financial Speaker Event

This semester I’ve received the opportunity to hold several professional events and OneMain Financial was definitely one of my favorites. One of my goals was to hold an event with a sponsor of Delta Sigma Pi and when I saw this opportunity in front of me I took it and reached out to the Genevieve (the speaker) about joining us. Genevieve was a very lively speaker and had great insight about the company which made the presentation a lot more interactive with the brothers in the room. Also, we had an inter-chapter brother, Rechenna Lo, who is now an alumni of Sigma Phi attend as well. She presented on how her interning experience was and what her job is like now. She currently works with OneMa

Brother Spotlight: Nanako Ito

This week's brother spotlight is none other than Nanako Ito. Nanako is part of the Beta Omicron Pledge class and served as Vice President of Operations. Now, she serves as Vice President of Operations for the chapter. Nanako is currently a senior and majoring in International Business with a concentration in Japanese, She also recently received an internship offer and will be the retail marketing intern at Mazda! One of her favorite hobbies is everything related to Teeto (her dog). "I joined the Fraternity for the sole intention of learning how to network and expand my circle (since I was a transfer student I didn't know anyone or anything on campus). I love Delta Sigma Pi for the numer

Taco Bell Tour

To end our spring break, some of the brothers and pledges got the opportunity to visit Taco Bell headquarters for a company tour that was organized by brother Amanjot. Their facility was located in Irvine and we met up in their stunning, large scale lobby. From there we started our tour with the marketing specialist who graduated from Cal State Fullerton a couple years ago which was really cool to hear. As we walked down the main hall, we got to see Taco Bell’s historic timeline that detailed the company’s significant events from when they first opened to the present day. It was also fascinating to see how their wrappers and packaging evolved over time through their displays. After check

Boy's and Girl's Club Mentor Day

This event was hands-down one of my favorite community service events this semester. Partnering with the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana for Mentor Day was so fun! To start, we were briefed about the different programming and events the Boys & Girls Club hosts with their students. On Mentor Day, the students from the neighboring school come over to the center for a variety of activities. Volunteering as Mentors, we had the chance to help the students with homework, work in small groups to build the tallest Lego tower possible, and even run a game of kickball. One of my favorite memories happened when we had the chance to as a two-person team in an interactive game competing against all th

Working Wardrobes Service Event

Working wardrobes in Irvine was one of the first community service events we had for the spring semester. This was an event where the non profit group worked to help veterans and their families get adjusted to civilian life again. They created programs that teach people how to interact again outside of the military, provide professional clothing for job interviews, and help them reach their career goals. Along with assisting veterans, this organization also provide several resources for survivors of domestic abuse and other adults in crisis. The event coordinator explained how the clothes that were donated would be given to adults who needed them for job interviews and they would given as

Shade Tree Community Service Event

Event overview (what you did, etc.) There were several groups divided into separate tasks depending on what was available at the time. Our group was assigned the task of potting the new plants into larger pots. We had one person shoveling the new soil into the pot, while the other person stamped the soil down and set the new plant into the pot. Some of the brothers had a friendly competition on who could fill the most pots, which made the event entertaining and interesting for the other volunteers. Some other groups worked on picking weeds out of new plants, removing and providing maintenance for structural support, raking out extra weeds and debris, and much more. There was always something

Grandma's House of Hope Service Event

Grandma’s House of Hope is a non-profit charity that aims to empower the invisible populations of Orange County. They provide basic needs and enrichment services to women, children, and families living in extreme poverty and facing seemingly insurmountable barriers including human trafficking, domestic violence, life-threatening illnesses, and severe mental health concerns. As a chapter, we got the opportunity to make valentine’s day care packages for these women and families to make sure that they felt all the appreciation they deserve. The care packages consisted of candies, chapsticks, and caring notes to encourage each of these people. Although we were not able to physically go to Grandm

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