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Taco Bell Tour

To end our spring break, some of the brothers and pledges got the opportunity to visit Taco Bell headquarters for a company tour that was organized by brother Amanjot. Their facility was located in Irvine and we met up in their stunning, large scale lobby. From there we started our tour with the marketing specialist who graduated from Cal State Fullerton a couple years ago which was really cool to hear. As we walked down the main hall, we got to see Taco Bell’s historic timeline that detailed the company’s significant events from when they first opened to the present day. It was also fascinating to see how their wrappers and packaging evolved over time through their displays.

After checking out the timeline, we stepped into the company gym room. Our tour guide explained how many of the workers there have the benefit of training at the workplace. It was really interesting to hear that they get their gym clothes washed daily so they can have fresh clothes every time they start their workout. We then went to the lounge where employees can relax and unwind, but the creative directors did use the lounge to brainstorm new ideas as well. The room had a pool table, several flat screens, and was filled with several souvenirs signed by famous athletes and musicians that Taco Bell had partnered with in the past. Seeing all those accomplishments that Taco Bell has had gave us a sense of how big the company has become.

We then headed to the fancy elevators that were decorated with several comic style art with a bunch of puns. The elevator took us to the marketing department’s floor where they welcomed us with food from their very own department kitchen. Then we got to sit in for their financial representative’s small presentation and got to see all the financial graphs and the twitter feed from the supply chain side.

Taco Bell is one of the major fast food chains in America and it was very eye opening being able to see from how they operate from the company perspective. Professional events such as company tours are my favorite because they really do provide a lot of insight to the professional business side of a lot of companies.

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