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Corazón Internship

My name is Kathy Nguyen and this is my last semester as an undergraduate with my concentration in Operations and Supply Chain Management. My experience in Delta Sigma Pi and the courses I’ve taken in school helped prepare me to become an Operations Coordinator at Corazón Inc., a nonprofit organization located in Santa Ana, California.

Corazón Inc. strengthens communities in Tijuana and Tecate through 3 pillars: building homes, inspiring minds, and elevating health. For over 40 years, Corazón has been inspiring families to build and strengthen their communities through service, self-sufficiency, empowerment, and belonging.

Being an Operations Coordinator at Corazón means constructing activities and specifics for our regular fundraisers, organizing details for upcoming home builds, and developing monthly communication plans. Along with learning about the day-to-day operations, I’ve learned from working at Corazón the passion and hard work in strengthening communities and doing good for others.

The biggest takeaway from working at Corazón is that it takes many hands to come together to strengthen a community. Whether it may be working indirectly with the community by volunteering for a fundraiser or planning for a silent auction or directly contributing to home builds or donating, all efforts are equally important to make the world a better place.

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