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Business Development Intern for Studio71, LP

Hello! My name is Kat Dumilon, a fourth-year student majoring in International Business with a concentration in Intercultural Management. An opportunity that I will cherish for a lifetime - my time as a Business Development Intern at Studio71, LP.

Studio71 is a leading global media company for digital-first creators and brands. They partner with the top creators to build their video businesses, connect brands with top digital creators across every platform, and produce and distribute digital-first content globally.

I had the opportunity to attend weekly creator journey seminars, which was designed to educate how multiple departments within the company focus on the talents and brands they serve. Delving into business development, I learned how the team distributes content to various platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, and what these processes entail. Gaining hands-on experience in numerous projects, I contributed to the Business Development Team by identifying potential partnerships, research on accounts, expanding outreach, content distribution, and launching campaigns.

My final task challenged interns, like myself, to research, identify, and propose new business ideas to drive the next wave of Studio 71’s growth. The idea my teammates and I pitched would utilize an intranet and extranet service that empowers better communication, collaboration, and productivity for both employees and external parties. I am grateful to have succeeded in this business venture with my female-led team.

When entering an internship within an industry of your choice, I highly encourage you to be curious and ask industry professionals tons of questions! Don’t be shy, ask to grab a coffee with them, or schedule a zoom meeting (COVID-19 circumstances) one-on-one to get to know them and expand your network. I was fortunate enough to intern for a company that strongly advocates curiosity, collaboration, and networking. After gaining a handful of insight and knowledge, it was eye-opening to work with a company fostered in organizational learning, breaking down traditional silos and enabling all areas to work together towards a common vision.

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