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Thanks for showing interest in becoming a part of our professional fraternity. To join, all prospectives must go through our two step process: RECRUITMENT followed by PLEDGING























The pledging program typically lasts 8 weeks and initiation generally takes place 3 weeks before finals.  During the program, the pledge class organizes four events similar to the ones put on by the chapter.

These events include:


  • The Professional Event – Professionalism is integral in the development of our Brothers as we enter the world of commerce. These events include, but are not limited to: professional speakers, workshops, firm tours, and company tours.

  • The Community Service Event – We view our relationship with our community as fundamental. There is much to learn from giving back to those around us. Our chapter aims to make a positive impact with the communities that we call home.


  • The Social Event – Building a strong network and strong relationships are key to success. Delta Sigma Pi often hold and participate in events to expand networks by mingling with potential recruiters and our own alumni from companies such as Deloitte, Ernst & Young, PwC, PepsiCo , etc.


  • Fundraising – Fundraising is essential for our chapter to operate. Like the chapter, the pledge class is encouraged to raise funds towards their professional, community service, and social events.












What is "Recruitment Week" and when is it?

"Recruitment Week" includes various events held during the first couple weeks of every semester. The purpose of these events are to attract potential candidates (like you) for membership and to allow prospectives to see what type of events our chapter hosts. Recruitment events are a great way for you to evaluate whether or not our values align.


Why Delta Sigma Pi?

Delta Sigma Pi gives collegiate members the chance to enrich their professionalism and leadership saavy. The chapter provides opportunities to develop crucial skills for interviews, resumes, public speaking, etc. As a member of Delta Sigma Pi, you will be given the chance to grow and expand your network through various events which will strengthen your connections in the business world and give you experience interacting in a professional environment. 


Who are we looking for?

Delta Sigma Pi is looking for individuals with the potential to not only benefit from our training and practices but who can also contribute to the fraternity a sense of passion and enthusiasm that every member will be able to benefit from. We are looking for people who will contribute constructive criticism to help each member grow both professionally and personally. 















To learn more about Delta Sigma Pi, please visit the national website at


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