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Imagine turning five dollars into ten, ten into a hundred, and a hundred into a million. Without lifting a finger, your money could exponentially increase by the second. It sounds too good to be true, but it is the simple act of investing. This spring break, three revolutionary brothers decided to capitalize on this idea and teamed up to create an innovative, chapter-changing plan: the Lambda Sigma Investment Fund.

Inspired by their financial passions and motivated by their devotion to the chapter, Tony Do, Anthony Gomez, and Ryan Tamashiro drafted a plan to invest roughly 35 percent of chapter funds. Amongst the safest options, our brothers have decided to invest in S&P 500 ETF with has a five percent annual return and with the compounding effect, this will result in roughly a 28% five year return in five years. They look forward to reaching a goal of around $4000 in five years.

Many chapters have successfully established their own investment funds and gained not only money, but priceless experience in the field with it. Vice President of Finance, Anthony Gomez, looks forward to reaching out to other chapters and alumni for their advice. He hopes to create a team of consultants within the chapter to manage funds and to decide how to further invest. Leading this team will be a portfolio manager, who will teach members about the investments and update everyone on the progress.

Though the chapter has much to learn and discuss about the investment fund, it has unanimously agreed the fund is a step in the right direction. Several members already stepped up to join the investment team and are working on allocating funds now. We can't wait to see their progress!

Learn more about investing through here.

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