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2021 Amazon Area Manager Interns of Lambda Sigma

Jacquelynn Nguyen - New Jersey

My name is Jacquelynn Nguyen majoring in Economics with a specialization in Quantitate Analysis. I interned at the Amazon Fulfillment EWR9 of New Jersey this past summer of 2021. My company is the Amazon Fulfillment, and these centers are responsible for fulfilling customer orders. My role is an Operations Manager as an Inbound Area Manager.

Responsibilities/Tasks: I have implemented two programs and created a new standard work for the center. I have trained over 50 associates and increased their rates by 15%. By having rate increasing, less indirect associates would be staffed. Also, the center will increase their recovery rate by 40% and reduce waste. Both of these will ultimately lead to an increase in cost savings. Lastly, I took part on a network-wide project to centralize a standard work process. The actual task of an Area Manager includes managing over 50 associates (AA), conducting audits, engaging with AAs on the floor, coaching to improve rates and quality, and so on.

Lessons: I learned that every person has to be managed differently in order to get the best results. Maturity has nothing to do with age. Don’t be intimidated to manage and coach someone who has worked at a company longer than you.

Takeaways: Never let others tell you what you’re capable of. Never let irrelevant people get in your way.

Advice for the Job: Regardless of what position or company you apply for, always give it your 110%. Take charge of yourself and don’t wait around for others to lead you. Expand your own knowledge and network as much as you can. For example, although I worked in the Inbound department at one center, I worked with other departments (ACES, ICQA, PCF, AFE, Outbound, Safety, IT), other centers, other specialists (Process Engineers, Data Analysts, Financial Analysts, Senior Ops Team), and other managers besides my own. STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE AND GO BEYOND YOUR LIMITS!

Sophia Coronel - Riverside:

My name’s Sophia, and I expect to graduate in the Spring of 2023. I’m currently a Pre-Business student right now, but I intend to concentrate in Business Analytics. Over the summer, I worked at Amazon as an Area Manager intern. Even though

I was only an intern, I was working like an actual operations manager. My job comprised of deep diving a bunch of data every single day, observing the behaviors and patterns of the metrics of our center, and executing solutions to wherever I see abnormalities from those metrics. For my project, I was in charge for t

he launch of a new function called the ‘merge tool’. My project’s main goal was to maximize our trailer utilization which projects to save Amazon up to $1,095,000 per year!

I took up this role without knowledge about ANYTHING at all. I only knew the basics on excel, had trouble reading and relating data to one another, and I had some days when I would come out of my shifts feeling defeated than ever. HOWEVER, it was perseverance to learn that drove me to work smarter and harder. I learned that every day is an opportunity to improve, and every step I took was a step to success regardless if it was a good or bad day.

Honestly, I applied for this position on impulse without expecting to land the role at all. I stepped out of my comfort zone, and I’m really glad that I did! It was definitely a challenging experience for me, but I came out of it as a better version of myself. Something I can definitely testify is that there is no reason for anyone to be scared of trying out new things. There’s also no improvement when you’re comfortable and stagnant so never be afraid of putting yourself out there!

Alex Tran - Texas:

My name is Alex Tran, an Operations and Supply Chain Management major! This summer I had the opportunity to intern with Amazon at a delivery station in Houston Texas. In my division of Amazon I worked at a delivery station which is apart of Amazon Logistics (AMZL). Our primary role is to gather all customer packages, sort them by location/region and ensure they get delivered on time!

At Amazon, I was working as an UTR (Under the roof) Area Manager which mainly consisted of running the floor operations, ensuring we had sufficient staffing, and managing our associates. I also had the opportunity to work on a project which allowed our facility to implement a new standard work process that not only made our work more efficient but also created a safer environment for our associates.

One valuable lesson I learned from this internship is that in order for a business succeed you must be obsessed with the customer. It is necessary to learn the needs of your customer base and work backwards to fulfill those needs in order to guarantee your customers satisfaction! One thing others can take away from this post is to take a chance and shoot your shot! This opportunity was one that I was on the fence about considering I’d be relocating over 1000+ miles from home and would have to work in a new environment that I would not typically feel comfortable in. So go ahead take the leap and try something new because at the end of the day there will be nothing but great experience to learn from.

If anyone is interested in a job in this field I would recommend you begin networking. Networking is the key to opening new doors. I promise opportunities rarely fall right into your hands. You need to take action and go after what you want ✅

Ethan Ngo - Riverside:

My name is Ethan Ngo, and I am majoring in Operation and Supply Chain Management. I interned at Amazon this past summer of 2021. Amazon is currently the biggest E-commerce platform in the world. As an Area Manager Intern, I shadowed one of the Area Managers that work in Amazon's fulfillment centers.

I learned about the operations and processes of the fulfillment center while completing a project that was due at the end of the 10 week program. - I've learned so much new terminology and have gained so much hands on experience. I have learned so much, but I haven't learned everything. Amazon is just that big. As for advices, I'd say, welcome new experiences! - Go for it! You'll never know if you're in the right concentration until you get hands on experience. The earlier the better!

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