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Bank Teller for Citi Bank

Hi there! My name is Johnny Kwok, and I am a third-year Business Administration student pursuing a double concentration in Finance and Business Analytics, and will be graduating in the Spring of 2022. In the winter of 2020, my friend referred me to a vacant opening as a part-time teller for Citibank. Since then, I have learned more about the importance of financial literacy and the different risk and controls that banks have when transacting on your accounts.

During this pandemic, large consumer banks like Citi have seen an increase in mobile and online banking. Transactions like deposits, withdrawals, and payments would usually have clients waiting in line for the next teller, but that is no longer the case. As a teller, I still handle cash transactions and large check deposits and help clients with government/stimulus/unemployment payments, account servicing, and promotions toward ongoing account opening bonuses and credit card promotions.

Since becoming a teller, I have learned a lot more about personal finance and how consumer banks can help individuals like you and me. In times like today, the importance of going the extra mile has never been more important. Despite the horrendous economic impact, Citi continues to highlight different promotions whether you need a new line of credit or are looking for a safe return on a new checking/savings account. There are always numerous account packages and products that can fit anyone’s need.

When stepping behind the teller line, there are numerous risks and controls that Citi has in place to protect its client and the bank. I have been exposed to different systems and databases that streamline a transaction while preventing fraudulent activity. Each transaction carries a different level of potential risk, therefore, different protocols are always followed depending on the type of transaction. Things like requesting secondary ID, client screening, and management approvals help offset the risk from a branch standpoint. The goal of a teller is to assist clients with their transactions, making the process as efficient and seamless as possible.

Overall, my experience as a teller has been nothing but eye-opening and rewarding. It reminds me of my time pledging for Delta Sigma Pi and being unsure of what to expect. I had the opportunity to assist countless clients with transactions ranging from a few dollars to millions. I encourage everyone to seek different opportunities to learn about the business world. Whether it is your part-time job or side passion, there are so many business concepts in things everyone does, just like banking.


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