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Marketing Specialist Internship for ClassHook

Hello, my name is Tam Nguyen! I am pursuing a Business Administration degree with a concentration in Marketing, and will graduate in Spring 2023. I currently work as a Marketing Specialist Intern at ClassHook, which is an educational based platform aimed to make learning more engaging.

At ClassHook, we gather clips from popular TV shows and movies that are tied into topics that educators could use to teach! In my position as a marketing specialist intern, I run the social media platforms, and I largely target educators. Some tasks that I carry out include designing all the graphics for our social media platforms, as well as any flyers needed throughout the company. I was able to lead marketing initiatives, such as content division within the marketing team and gave feedback to my team's work. When our company decided to brainstorm a new mascot, my mascot sketch was selected and is being used to this day! By interning at ClassHook, I learned so many valuable skills within marketing, such as psychological methods to grasp the target market’s attention.

My biggest takeaway is for everyone to find a company they’re truly passionate about. If I wasn’t a business student pursuing marketing, I would definitely pursue teaching. For anyone who’s interested in pursuing marketing, do it! I love utilizing my creativity and putting it into my work, and that is why I truly love marketing.

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