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Manufacturing Support Associate for Best Formulations

Hi, I’m Ashley Chou! I will be graduating this Spring with a B.A. in Business Administration and a concentration in Operations & Supply Chain Management. I currently work full-time as a Manufacturing Support Associate at Best Formulations.

Best Formulations is a contract manufacturer and private labeler that specializes in nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. We manufacture thousands of branded, high quality nutritional supplements including softgels, tablets, capsules, powders, teas, and drugs.

Since I’ve joined the manufacturing team, I have been able to lead the project on implementing our OEE software to drive operational efficiencies. I’ve assessed KPI reports with production management in order to train the teams on creating reports to utilize in their daily meetings for performance improvement.

I am fortunate to receive leadership mentoring from the Vice President of Manufacturing and learn how teamwork drives a company’s growth. Everyday I learn how there is always an opportunity for positive changes within operations and as an individual.

I hope others can take away from this to be open minded when searching for their next role. You don’t have to join a Fortune 500 company to define success - sometimes it is more beneficial to be part of a company’s growth.


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