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Shade Tree Community Service Event

  • Event overview (what you did, etc.)

There were several groups divided into separate tasks depending on what was available at the time. Our group was assigned the task of potting the new plants into larger pots. We had one person shoveling the new soil into the pot, while the other person stamped the soil down and set the new plant into the pot. Some of the brothers had a friendly competition on who could fill the most pots, which made the event entertaining and interesting for the other volunteers. Some other groups worked on picking weeds out of new plants, removing and providing maintenance for structural support, raking out extra weeds and debris, and much more. There was always something to do and I think everyone had a great time bonding and working together in general to build teamwork and brotherhood not just among the brothers, but also among other students who participated.

  • What did you like most about the event?

I liked that there was already tasks waiting for us the moment we got there, with clear directions on what we needed to do, how to do it, etc. I also liked that there was a lot of different organizations and students from different clubs working together, which provided an opportunity to network among people we don’t usually encounter.

  • What did you think could be improved?

Some of the brothers showed up late and were assigned less strenuous tasks, while some left early without properly acknowledging the organization members that helped run the event. I thought that was a little rude. It also would’ve been nice if timing of when to take a break/get food (refreshments were provided) was announced clearly as some people were taking breaks throughout the entire event without really doing much work.

  • Overall impression of the event?

I really liked the event and would definitely do it again, despite my hatred for physical activity. I also enjoyed the opportunity to work and bond with brothers I don’t usually get to see at other events and GBM. It also gives me a great sense of joy knowing that I helped contribute to the community while also reaping some benefits myself (hanging with bros, slight workout from the physical activity, learning about gardening).

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