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Boy's and Girl's Club Mentor Day

This event was hands-down one of my favorite community service events this semester. Partnering with the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana for Mentor Day was so fun! To start, we were briefed about the different programming and events the Boys & Girls Club hosts with their students. On Mentor Day, the students from the neighboring school come over to the center for a variety of activities. Volunteering as Mentors, we had the chance to help the students with homework, work in small groups to build the tallest Lego tower possible, and even run a game of kickball. One of my favorite memories happened when we had the chance to as a two-person team in an interactive game competing against all the other mentors. The group of 3rd Graders I was assigned to got very competitive, and the small wins of being the first person to answer the question correctly brought out their best spirits and colorful personalities. I met 3rd Grader named Roberto that day, who said he wanted to be the World's Greatest Soccer Player when he grew older. Small moments like these are what make giving back to the community all worth it. The children were beyond grateful for us, and said they couldn't wait to have us back again.

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