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Working Wardrobes Service Event

Working wardrobes in Irvine was one of the first community service events we had for the spring semester. This was an event where the non profit group worked to help veterans and their families get adjusted to civilian life again.

They created programs that teach people how to interact again outside of the military, provide professional clothing for job interviews, and help them reach their career goals. Along with assisting veterans, this organization also provide several resources for survivors of domestic abuse and other adults in crisis. The event coordinator explained how the clothes that were donated would be given to adults who needed them for job interviews and they would given assistance with their career ambitions. I thought that this was a very generous service that they provided.

We, as a chapter, got the chance to help organize all the clothing donations that the organization receives and placed them in packages to be distributed to the veterans. We sorted the various clothes they had, assembled care packages, and helped organize their facility. Overall, Working Wardrobes was a great service event to volunteer for because the people there were given those in need the opportunity to get back on their feet in the working world and it was also a good opportunity to bond with brothers through service.

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