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OneMain Financial Speaker Event

This semester I’ve received the opportunity to hold several professional events and OneMain Financial was definitely one of my favorites. One of my goals was to hold an event with a sponsor of Delta Sigma Pi and when I saw this opportunity in front of me I took it and reached out to the Genevieve (the speaker) about joining us. Genevieve was a very lively speaker and had great insight about the company which made the presentation a lot more interactive with the brothers in the room. Also, we had an inter-chapter brother, Rechenna Lo, who is now an alumni of Sigma Phi attend as well.

She presented on how her interning experience was and what her job is like now. She currently works with OneMain Financial and loves her job. Brothers in the room had several questions for both Genevieve and Rechenna that led to an informative night. I myself was very engaged in the conversations we had during the event and found myself interested in applying for any future intern positions. One of the things that really amazed me about Genevieve was that she flew from Texas to come out and present to our chapter. She created a home like environment as she occasionally related back to her personal life and her dreams and aspirations. She previously worked for Enterprise Rent-a-Car and was able to give some insight on that as well. Lambda Sigma really enjoyed and loved Genevieve’s charismatic personality as well as her presentation.

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