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Hemopet Service Event

In the morning on Easter Sunday, some of the brothers of Lambda Sigma chapter got to volunteer at Hemopet in Garden Grove. Hemopet is an organization that adopts and rescues retired racing greyhounds. There are called Hemopet because the dogs donate blood and supply it to veterinary clinics for transfusions. After a couple months the grey

hounds are put up for adoption or foster care.

The task for that day was very simple. All the volunteers got the chance to walk the greyhounds around their backyard. Along with combing the dogs and playing with them, some of use got the chance to catch up with some of our brothers from Lambda Phi or Cal State Long Beach Chapter. Personally, it was my very first time walking a greyhound which made it a magical moment for me. There were several greyhounds that used to be racing dogs and it was astounding that they could reach such high speeds. Everyone seemed to be having a good time volunteering and socializing with each other. Overall, this on going service event for the chapter was a great event and made the experience better knowing that it was for a good cause.

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