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My Summer at Experian

Hello, my name is Maya Haddad and I am a fourth-year finance major. This summer I had the opportunity to intern full time at Experian, which is primarily a credit services company and is located in Costa Mesa. I worked under the North American Controller, and was able to work on various projects throughout the summer. Some of my favorite projects were forecasting accounts payable and receivable monthly, and creating an Excel template to calculate monthly bank charges the company was incurring.

Also, a great part about the internship was meeting the other interns from colleges all around the country. Some of them included Chapman, Harvard, and Manhattan College so I was able to make really cool connections all over. We were able to go out and volunteer at a food bank as part of our internship, and it was a really great experience.

By doing this internship I was able to solidify my decision that corporate finance is the track I want to follow and pursue in my future career. For anyone in their second or third year in college I highly recommend pursuing a summer internship. It is a great opportunity to see if the career you have in mind is the right fit for you.

After this summer, I am excited to use what I learned for this upcoming semester and in my future career! I am looking forward to this Fall 2017 semester and how I can give back as Vice President- Professional Activities.

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