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My Experience as a Deloitte Intern

Every Accounting student at Cal State Fullerton, and probably a majority of other campuses as well, would agree that landing an internship at the Big 4 Accounting Firms is one the hardest and most sought after internships in the accounting field. Which is why you could understand my uncontainable excitement when I got the offer to do the Audit Internship this past summer for Deloitte. It is hard to forget the day an Audit Partner calls you over the phone to extend a job offer that could likely turn into your starting career. My name is Cactus Hong, a 5th year Accounting concentration that had the pleasure to intern with the Deloitte Costa Mesa office as an Audit Intern. Deloitte’s internship treated me with the same respect as a full-time hire. I was given the opportunity to work with audit teams of various sizes and went through various stages of a public audit. I conducted audit tests, tie-outs, and built rapport with client management. The latter is something I felt was my biggest take-away from this internship. Communication played a big part in the internship, and was crucial to my learning and growth throughout the process. As this was my first exposure to the work that goes into a public audit, I constantly had inquiries about my assignments and the other areas of the audit. My team was very accommodating and encourages all questions I had about the life of a Deloitte Auditor.

I am extremely grateful that I was able to go through the Deloitte internship. While the internship was only for the summer, the knowledge I gained is forever. Thank you Deloitte for this chance to better understand myself, my future career, and the accounting world. I look forward to seeing them all again this September, when I start full-time.

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