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An open letter to the people who have never considered studying abroad

I never expected to study abroad when I transferred to CSUF. When I was looking for internships, I spoke to many recent graduates and young professionals. The most common regret they had was not studying abroad. Because after you graduate, it's really hard to find the time to live in another country with no serious responsibilities. A few months later, I was arrived in London and had 12 weeks to spend. Since I wasn't too crazy about studying abroad or London, I didn't really have plans on what I should do. I think that is why I was so stress-free. The schedule I had kept me productive and on the days off, I was free to do whatever I felt like. All the travels have been planned after I got to London. Everyone who studied abroad would probably agree that you really learn more about yourself than anything. Your style of making friends, living on your own, socializing, traveling, etc. It was like going through freshman year again. So yes, I definitely recommend it but manage your expectations!

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