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SoCalGas Internship

Landing a year-round internship with a Fortune 500 energy service company is a huge deal for any undergraduate. Being given the opportunity to work at the nation’s largest gas distribution utility has been a real eye opener. I have been exposed to different elements of the workplace as well as learning new skills sets. I’ve been able to utilize the information I receive in school and apply it to real world tasks. I definitely recommend those in college to broaden their horizons and intern somewhere, because the experiences and knowledge you take back with you is exponential. My name is Sabrina Moreno, a 4th year Accounting student that is currently interning with the SoCalGas Los Angeles base as an Business Administration Intern.

Working in the financial district is definitely a humbling experience. I love being surrounded by so many working professionals who are amazing at their jobs. The area is definitely unique and there are so many hidden gems to eat at in the DTLA. It’s the hub for networking, and I’m excited to continue my journey here at SoCalGas.

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