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Behr Paint Internship

My name is Kathy Au, a 3rd-year Human Resources Management concentration and have had the pleasure of working at Behr Paint Corporation in Santa Ana, California.

During the Spring of 2018, I began applying to internships to help start my career path. With the help of a brother, they were able to connect me and immediately I was overjoyed when I received a call to for an in-person interview. Since starting my role as a Human Resource Representative for Behr Paint Corporation as of July 2018, I have conducted a 19 and policy audit for over one thousand employees and created an electronic search system by splitting and indexing employee’s files. Within my role of Human Resources, I helped assist Human Resources in relocating 800 team members to their new headquarters. This experience has helped me realized the importance and how HR can run a company. From conducting and rating performance reviews to the reason behind disciplinary actions or compensation changes, or what to look for on I9’s, Human Resources plays a vital role in any company.

Within a matter of time, I moved up to Talent Acquisition Coordinator by January 2019. Due to my previous exposure in human resources, I was challenged with new opportunity as a talent acquisition, expanding beyond my prior field of working in benefits, human resources information systems, and compensation. My current role now is to support the talent acquisition specialists by conducting background checks and scheduling health screenings in eight states. I help source resumes for job postings to ensure our specialists receive the best candidates available for the position. The culture and team atmosphere at Behr provide me with a welcome and accepting team allowing me to ask all the questions I have about one day moving up in Behr.

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