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Marvell Technology Group Internship

My name is Henry Phung, and I am heading into my last semester with a concentration in Operations and Supply Chain Management. This summer, I am blessed with the opportunity to be interning at Marvell Technology Group as an Operation Supply Chain intern on the Planning Team. Marvell Technology Group is a semiconductor company that drives solutions in Semiconductors, Wireless and Wires Connectivity, Storage Solutions, Consumer Solutions, Enterprise Solutions, and Cloud Infrastructure. Marvell primarily focuses on system infrastructure such as working on the 5G connectivity infrastructure; however, in the past did supply components in the original Apple iPhone, Google's Chromecast, and Google's Home. On my team, I am tasked with addressing how to improve the delivery time of our network connectivity boards. I extract data from our system, create reports of the finding, and discuss the delays with various teams in our supply chain to address the root cause to develop a sustainable process. Aside from the working experience, Marvell's internship program allows me to network with fellow interns/professionals and learn from Executives and Directors of various departments in the company. The biggest take away so far in my internship is never to stop learning. Internships are designed for interns to learn about real business operations with virtually no consequences. Take opportunities as they're presented to you even when you're not entirely confident in your skills. As long as you try and progress in your project, the impact of completing it by 40% is better and will leave a good impression for your managers than not trying with no one taking up the project. You're getting paid to fail and learn from your mistakes, so take advantage of it!

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