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Alumni Feature: Glaiza Julian at Buzzfeed

My name is Glaiza Julian, and I graduated in Fall of 2018. I majored in Economics and ISDS at Cal State Fullerton.

In the past, I interned at Viacom as a Digital Research Analytics intern. I now work at an internet media/news company called Buzzfeed. I am a Data Analyst working on product analytics where I help inform product strategy and consult on high level decision making for the Tasty team. From this, I’ve learned to be very adaptable, remember the big picture, and how to communicate very technical findings into actionable information. My advice I have for anyone pursuing a similar route as mine is to not be afraid to learn how to get technical even if you come from a non-technical background! Stay up to date with your industry of interest, read as much as you can, and the best way to really master your technical skills are through practice and projects.

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