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Alumni Spotlight: Patrick Bonfrisco

Our alumni spotlight, Patrick, is still heavily involved in DSP as a regional vp and works in data management! He graduated from here at CSUF in 2005 with his undergrad and 2008 with his MBA!

1. What is your current job/career?

I am self employed. I work as “efficient consultant” helping my client company “work smarter, not harder.” I design custom made excel spreadsheets that enable my client to save time on repetitive tasks - automating audits using excel macros. In other words, I write an excel program that does their work for them, freeing them up to work on other things.

2. How did Delta Sigma Pi help get you to where you are today?

That’s a long story… but it starts with my first post-college which was in the recruiting department for a large company. My experience recruiting in Delta Sigma Pi is what helped me land the job. But there’s a lot more to the story and I would love to tell the full version in person!

3. What is a lasting impression or memory Delta Sigma Pi left on you?

My life completely changed when I joined. My career started with the fraternity. The fraternity helped me get my MBA. My best friends are brothers. My fiancée is a brother. I was only in my chapter for three years, but I went on to be a volunteer leader for the next 17 years (and counting). That’s a lasting impression, and there are great memories attached to each. I look forward to sharing some of these memories with the chapter members!


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