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Brother Spotlight: Benjamin Diep

Benjamin “Benny” Diep is a Business Administration student concentrating in Finance. He joined Delta Sigma Pi in Fall of 2019 and

is part of the Beta Phi pledge class. He is currently a third year concentrating in finance and would like to go into investment banking. Benny will be graduating this Spring 2022.

He chose Delta Sigma Pi because he wanted to find a community where he could feel comfortable and to learn and grow professionally. At one point, he was interested in checking out other organizations but decided to stay with Delta Sigma Pi.

His favorite food is nachos. He is always open to try new foods and considers himself a “foodie.” Some of his hobbies are traveling, exploring new food spots, and hiking. Whether going on night drives or walking up to lookout points, he really likes to get his fresh air. Benny enjoys horror movies and likes to listen to R&B. Him liking horror movies came at a surprise to me since not many like horror movies.

Benny’s favorite takeaway from joining Delta Sigma Pi is being able to meet so many different people and being able to create many lifelong friendships. He would describe Delta Sig as “resourceful” since you can find help whenever needed. Whether it was academic, professional, or personal related, it is there.

Written by: Aaron Ortega


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