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Brother Spotlight: Felipe Ferreira

⁃ Why Delta Sigma Pi?

I joined Delta Sigma Pi for the professionalism and brotherhood, because as cliche as it may sound but they say “you only go to college once” and it is up to one to make the best out of it. In my first 2 years at CSUF, I always had a mindset of once class was over, it was time to head home, which affected my social life

in college. I came to the realization that years from now, I would have regrets and had hoped my college experience was different than the one I was heading for. In reality, Life is not about living with regrets, but celebrating every moment we are creating. By joining Delta Sigma Pi, I have allowed myself new friendships from the most amazing people that have so many goals in life and the best part is that we help each other in any way possible to get to where we wanna be in our academics and in our professionalism.

⁃ If you could title this chapter in your life, what would you name it and why?

I would like to title this chapter as “inspirational”, The reason why is because everyone one of the Brother’s has a unique story to share, I know when I have shared stories about rejections from jobs etc. There is always someone there to motivate you and put you back up on your feet. No matter how many challenges life may throw at you, you will never fall, you gain more confidence in obtaining a certain goal. Another reason, I would title it as “inspirational” is because I’ve observed people run and have positions, it’s beautiful to see people succeed in positions for the betterment for the chapter.

⁃ Who inspires you? My biggest inspiration is my parents because they have sacrificed themselves over the years to get me where I am at. Though, I may not be the perfect student, I don’t ever want to let them down by quitting on my dreams because it’s too difficult, because they have led me, taught me, raised me, but they have never ever quit on me or have told me my dreams are not possible.

⁃ What gets you motivated? One of the things that gets me motivated is being able to share my skills to others on how to achieve confidence within themselves by applying CEI. Connect, Engage, Inspire are the only words you need to encourage yourself to not be afraid to reach out to someone when first connecting with them, whether it be for work, or on a professional level. Making a first impression is always important. Practicing this everyday leads me to help build confidence and discover something new.

⁃ Where do you see yourself after 5 years? I hope in 5 years, I am able to pay back my parents for everything they have sacrificed for me to succeed in life. I hope to have also established a large stepping stone for my 2 younger sisters to climb on, though I may not be the great example for them, I hope that I am good enough to make them believe that everything is achievable in life, only if you truly believe that you will make it, regardless of the obstacles you will face getting to that point. In regards to my professional life, I hope I am able to have my dream job as a Senior Manager in Supply Chain for a sportswear brand, as I have always had a passion for sports.

Written by: Chelsea Nguyen


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