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Brother Spotlight: Paulo Del Rosario

1. How is it like to be hold a position in the chapter?

Being the Director of Social Activities is actually so fun. Although professionalism is an important pillar, brotherhood is just as important! In this position, you promote the pillar of brotherhood by

creating events and socials that allow the brothers to get closer. Some events that we have done and have planned were Game Night, Dave & Buster’s, Knott’s Scary Farm, Movie Night, and more! You have a lot of creative freedom with coming up with ways to promote brotherhood. For example, during the semester, we split up the chapter into small groups and gave them a fun task to complete weekly such as making TikTok’s.

2. What’s your favorite event you created so far ?

My favorite social event that I have hosted so far would have to be my Dave & Buster social because it was our first social welcoming back all of the brothers. It was such a great social as brothers can finally meet and see each other in person after coming back from a year of virtual learning. More than half of the chapter came out to vibe and play games throughout the night. With it being the first social I planned, I considered it to be a successful social where brothers can get closer to each other!

3. How has DSP helped you developed professionally or personally?

Before Delta Sigma Pi, I made the mistake of not starting my career development earlier on. I had no sense of direction of where my career was going and had no foundation of where to start. Luckily, after pledging for Delta Sigma Pi, I was able to learn so much about professional growth. Through the various professional events and workshops, I was able to improve my resume and learn critical interviewing skills. Delta Sigma Pi also allowed me to surround myself with like-minded individuals and helped me make those connections to expand my network. I am incredibly grateful for all of the growth I have made during my time in the fraternity.

Written by: Nikko Cano


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