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Echoes of Success: Alumni Divulge the Impact of Delta Sigma Pi Beyond Graduation

Delta Sigma Pi Alumni
Alumni BBQ (Spring 2023)

"Alumni involvement is crucial for continuing Delta Sigma Pi’s mission and can be a valuable part of your personal and professional growth. We are Deltasigs for life."

Read below to learn more about the importance of our Alumni community and how our chapter maintains the connection to our post-graduate Brothers!


Delta Sigma Pi's Vice President - Alumni Relations
Vice President - Alumni Relations

What efforts are made to maintain strong connections with alumni, and how do they contribute to the current membership's experiences?

"In Delta Sigma Pi, we maintain strong connections with alumni through platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and monthly newsletters. We also host coffee chats for alumni to share their stories and offer advice. Through these engagements, members gain valuable insights and career connections, fostering their holistic development. By celebrating alumni achievements, we aim to inspire our members to reach for greatness and make a lasting impact in their own journeys."

-- Brother Kelly Nguyen (Spring 2023 Gamma Eta)


Delta Sigma Pi Lambda Sigma Alumni
Tim Beasley (left) & Carley Haro (right)

Let's hear a little more from our Lambda Sigma Chapter Alumni! Introducing our Regional Vice President, Tim Beasley, and District Director, Carley Haro.

In what ways has your engagement with Delta Sigma Pi during your college years positively influenced your post-graduation endeavors?

"I can honestly say, with zero sarcasm, joining Delta Sigma Pi while in college has been the single-most influential decision I have ever made. After I graduated, the experience I gained as a position holder in the chapter gave me a leg up in job interviews (running the chapter as President, keeping all of the files in order as VPCO, taking command of a room and running a meeting as Chancellor, honing my salesmanship skills as Fundraising Chair and so on). For years, when I talked about dealing with a team or a boss, I would relate to my time in the fraternity and pretend I was talking about a previous professional job experience. "

-- Tim Beasley

"My time as a collegiate member of Delta Sigma Pi truly did help prepare me for my future. I learned so much about how to deal with different personality types in the workplace and was able to gain valuable skills that I was then able to transfer to my career. Each position I undertook taught me something new about business but also about myself. Through Delta Sigma Pi, I was able to cultivate a network throughout the nation that I can easily call upon at any time. "

-- Carley Haro

How has the alumni network been influential in the fraternity's success and in the lives of its members?

"The network is everything. It's through our network that we build relationships, both personal and professional. Our brothers get internships and job offers because of the connections they have made. Brothers have found life partners and spouses through this organization, while in school and as alumni. There are alumni I ONLY see at our big national conference every 2 years and as soon as I see them, I slip into the past, getting overrun by a wave of nostalgia and excitement, and we are then laughing or hugging or shaking hands. I have walked into almost every job I have had in my career and eventually found a brother working there or a connection to a brother. The ability to immediately connect with people on a higher level that you might have very little in common with on paper is so exciting to see and to feel. "

-- Tim Beasley

"Our entire leadership structure is composed of alumni who help foster the growth of our collegiate members. These leaders serve as mentors and offer guidance to help our collegiate chapters be successful and achieve their goals. The alumni network has personally benefitted me in many ways but most prominently through helping me receive my current position as a Project Manager."

-- Carley Haro

What factors influenced your decision to remain actively engaged and maintain your affiliation with the organization following your graduation?

"I moved right after graduation out of state and subsequently moved more times in the years after that for work and the only constant in all of my moves, in all of my careers, in all my past relationships, has been the fraternity. We are not just present at CSUF, we are present Everywhere! The camaraderie you immediately feel when connecting with alumni in a new area of the country is astounding. The feeling of pride and excitement as a volunteer leader I get when I see a VP have an awesome event, or a chapter come together to celebrate a milestone or when I see a new grad talk about their job offer and where they are going after graduation. Delta Sigma Pi constantly gives me the warm and fuzzy feelings inside and it feels good to be a member of this organization. "

-- Tim Beasley

"Staying involved after graduation was a no brainer. I didn't want to stop learning and growing as a professional just because I had my degree now. Through my leadership positions as an alum, I was able to gain new skills that my career wasn't able to offer me. To this day, 10 years after graduation, I still learn new things and get to build my network. I have gained so much because of this organization and I am so happy to be able to give my time back to it."

-- Carley Haro


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