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Elevating Excellence: Exploring the Vision with Our Senior Vice President

Dive into the strategic brilliance shaping the future of Delta Sigma Pi as we spotlight our Senior Vice President—the visionary orchestrator behind our recruitment landscape.

What was the inspiration behind this semester’s theme?

"Selecting the luxury theme best demonstrates our organization’s poise in all aspects of work ethic and social culture. I love the look of minimalistic elegance and am proud to showcase Delta Sigma Pi in this upgraded manner."

How does the fraternity approach recruitment to attract diverse and motivated individuals?

"There are vast minds that contribute to each field in the business world — it’s what makes recruitment all the more enjoyable an experience. Differences are something to embrace, for humility comes from interacting with others because of them, not despite them. Each of our Brothers takes great pleasure in getting to know all who attend our events and are just as curious to learn about you!"

What qualities or attributes does the fraternity look for in potential members during the recruitment process?

"Our Brothers strive to recruit members who demonstrate dedication and authenticity. It’s never about being the textbook definition of perfect; we want to get to know you!"

How does the fraternity work to ensure the retention and ongoing engagement of new members once they join?

"We host events throughout the semester that range from skill workshops, company tours, and socials! Our executive committee and directors also have opportunities for Brothers to gain experience and see whether their position is one they would like to run for in the future. We also tailor our events to our Brothers’ career and personal interests, meaning your voice is heard and everyone has a say in painting the great semester to come."


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