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Get to Know the Personal Passions of Our Brothers!


“One of my hobbies that has always been at the top of everything would be my interest and passion with cars. I've been into cars ever since I can remember.  From playing with hot wheels when I was around 3 to when I was finally old enough to get my driver's license at 16, the passion has always been part of who I am. I had a large influence from youtube and would mainly watch car-related videos growing up (I still do to this day). I really started to pursue my passion in cars once I turned 16 and got my driver's license. From being able to modify my car into something I'm proud of and playing pretend race car driver on the weekend on the track, my passion for this hobby only grew stronger. This hobby has also introduced me to the countless amount of amazing people Ive met and made friends with along the way. Although I do make some questionable financial decisions with this hobby, I wouldn’t want to trade this passion for anything else.” 

- Brother Andre Payawal (Fall 2022 Gamma Zeta)


“Growing up, my dad always took pictures for the family and enjoyed doing it as a hobby. When I got older, I started taking an interest in it myself. I started capturing moments on my phone and loved the ability to turn memories into pictures. One day, I decided to explore my dad's camera collection and took one for personal use. I liked how the photos came out and decided to continue this interest of mine.”

- Brother Janie Mach (Fall 2022 Gamma Zeta)


“I started learning how to do my own nails during high school. Growing up with three sisters, I grew up loving cosmetics and fashion, and I liked how nail art represents those two things. Nail art is my form of therapy and self-care. I love that I am able to express my creativity and have had the opportunity to connect with others through it. What makes me so passionate about nail art has been the ability to make someone feel more confident about themselves through their nails. "

- Brother Cindy Davila (Spring 2023 Gamma Eta)


“I’ve been into thrifting since childhood, thanks to my dad, who introduced me to it. He’s found some of the best pieces in my wardrobe and is always FaceTiming me with finds. I'd say one of my favorite finds that he got me was a brand new Toro Bravo 4s. As I grow older, I continue to thrift because not only is it exciting to

discover unique items, but it’s also environmentally responsible. Thrifting allows for endless self-expression. I believe that there is something for everyone. Nearly 90 percent of what I wear, including accessories, comes from thrift stores. If you want to discover your style, I definitely recommend thrifting. I owe my style and love for fashion to thrifting.”

-  Brother Cathy Cabrera (Spring 2023 Gamma Eta)


“Art is definitely a way to express myself and my emotions. Honestly, it feels like a form of therapy and mediation to me. I started drawing when I realized that when I'm stressed, I tend to scribble a lot. So, I  chose to see what would happen if I scribbled for 30 minutes on the same piece of paper, and that's how I developed my kinda abstract style. I consider my drawings as a form of art therapy because it's an outlet to destress and let out my emotions.” 

- Brother David Guzman (Spring 2022 Gamma Epsilon)


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