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Leadership Unveiled: Insights from President's Academy 2024

Delta Sigma Pi President's Academy

What is President's Academy?

Presidents' Academy is a national professional development program available to chapter presidents. It is designed to equip collegiate chapter presidents to develop their leadership potential in a way that has immediate benefits to them personally, the chapters they lead, and the Fraternity as a whole. The Academy provides attendees the opportunity to network with other chapter presidents while receiving specialized leadership training. Content will center on assessing and developing strengths, coaching others, leading through ambiguity, and values-based leadership.

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Now, let's hear our Spring 2024 President,

Emily Kim dive a little bit more about her experience below!

Could you share a personal highlight from your time at the Presidents' Academy? What made it memorable for you?

A personal highlight from President's Academy would have to be meeting presidents from various chapters across the country. It was so fun getting to know them, but also getting to hear their experiences as Presidents of their chapter. It helped shape my perspective coming into the semester and prepare me for what kind of leader I wanted to be for our Executive Committee and Directors.

How has your experience at the Presidents' Academy influenced your approach to leadership, both personally and within the chapter?

This experience allowed me to understand my own interests, needs, and behaviors as a leader. We got to dive into our Birkman assessment and learn how to build successful teams, navigate difficult situations, and ultimately run a more successful chapter.

What advice would you give to future chapter presidents attending the Presidents' Academy to maximize their learning and networking experience?

My advice for future presidents attending President’s Academy would be to lean on other presidents because they are the people that understand your position best and can help you succeed in ways that your chapter may be struggling in. Lastly, simply have an open mind, and don't be afraid to ask questions!

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