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MGMT 449 Study Abroad w/ Jacquelyn & Kathy

Over the summer, brothers Jacquelyn George and Kathy Bui were selected to attend the highly competitive study abroad program traveling to Seoul, South Korea, and Bali, Indonesia for their MGMT 449: Seminar in Strategic Management course. Led by the College of Business and Economics Professor, Lorenzo Bizzi, they had the opportunity to meet various companies from different industries, such as Hyundai Capital, MBC Group, and W Hotel Group as well as immerse themselves in the cultures of the respective countries they traveled to.

How did you find out about this program?

I had a classmate show me a flyer and at that moment I knew I needed to go on this trip. -J

I saw an email pop up about Bizzi advertising the program, and I know students who have studied abroad with him before, so I signed up right away! -K

What were some things you learned about your experience in Seoul and Bali?

I learned a lot about the cultures. What I found most eye-opening was that the people in Bali live off of very little money a month yet they are such happy and warm people. It really showed me how serious Bali locals are about community and the fact that they all help each other and spent quality time together. -J

In Seoul, I learned a lot about mannerisms and the way Koreans interact and work with each other. They have a lot of respect for their elders and work in a hierarchical system, so it was interesting to see this perspective coming from a Western mindset. I also love that you can find food on any block in Korea, and it is always affordable and delicious! -K

What was the culture like and how different are the two countries from each other?

I think what stood out most about the two cultures was the pace of life. Korea definitely had more people following the Western culture of working hard during the day. In Bali the people had a more leisure lifestyle where they worked but not everyone went into offices. You also found more people congregated together during the day, spending quality time. -J

Korea and Indonesia are on opposite sides of the spectrum; for example Korea is very fast-paced and busy, while Indonesia is very mellow and relaxed. Since we were in the city in Korea, we normally took public transportation such as subways and buses, while in Indonesia we relied heavily on Grab cars and Vespas to get around. Although both places are common tourist destinations, you can see the difference between the city life in Seoul and the tropical atmosphere in Bali. -K

What was your most memorable moment in Korea and Bali?

The most memorable moment in Korea was going to a temple dressed in traditional clothing. It really made the experience fun and made me appreciate the whole culture even more. In Bali, my favorite memory was calling Ubers that were Vespas. It was AMAZING. it really allowed me to see the city even more and go down streets that I wouldn’t have if I were in a car because of the smaller roads. -J

My most memorable moment in Korea was visiting Nami Island! It was always on my Korea bucket list and I was so happy I was able to visit! I was able to zipline onto the island and walk through the forest and explore nature, which was nice to see after being in the city of Seoul for so long. In Bali, my favorite moment was definitely snorkeling and ATV riding for the first time with our study abroad group, our tour guide led us to see sea turtles, and while ATV riding we were able to meet and interact with the locals who lived nearby! -K

How do you think this will help you with your future career?

Study abroad really pushed me further out of my comfort zone. I had traveled to Europe, Central America and Canada but never to Asia. The language barrier in Korea really pushed me further out of my comfort zone and I think this can show employers that I look for opportunities and am not afraid to push myself to new levels. -J

I aspire to work abroad in the future, so this program helped me break out of my shell to interact with people in different industries abroad! Going to company tours helped me visualize what it would be like to work in a different country while comparing the different cultures. I believe that having a global mindset and traveling abroad gives you a competitive edge in the workforce, which shows how you can adapt to new places easily and are open minded to new opportunities and experiences. -K

Tips for prospects and brothers to study abroad?

DO IT. You won’t regret it. I’m not sure how other study abroad programs are but be very practice and vocal about your want to go on study abroad because there are hundreds of students that are applying for your spot. -J

Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I highly encourage anyone who is considering it to look more into it and apply! Through this program, I have made lifelong friends and will hold so many memories close to my heart. I am so thankful to have been chosen in this program! -K


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