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People Services Coordinator for Behr Paint Company

My name is Kathy Au. This spring I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and with a concentration in Human Resources Management. I am currently working as a People Services Coordinator for Behr Paint Company, where our human resources department takes pride in providing the best services to our team members.

Located in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, Behr Paint Company is one of the largest manufacturers of paints, primers, decorative finishes, stains, and surface preparation products for do-it-yourselfers and professionals.

My position at Behr requires me to support our Solution Center team, where we are committed to responding to all inquiries within 24 hours. Normally my tasks include auditing our team members' files to ensure we are compliant with corporate processes and policies. Additionally, I help support our Talent Acquisition team when needed, whether that is facilitating first day orientation or helping onboard new candidates. Throughout working over two years at Behr, I have learned how to become patient and sympathetic with team members and candidates. Also, my communication skills have been sharpened as I have to work with several different teams, including Marketing and Informational Technology.

One thing I hope others take away from this post is to give yourself a chance. When I initially applied for Behr, I had no history or knowledge of the paint or home improvement industry. I did not let this discourage me from applying as the worst that can happen is having them turn me away. If you do not apply, your chances are 0%. If you do apply, you open your future to possibility and opportunity.


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