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Operations Manager for Vinaco Precision Machining

Hi everyone, my name is Quang Nguyen. I am currently an MBA student, majoring in Operations and Supply Chain Management. I expect to graduate in Spring 2023!

I started at Vinaco Precision Machining (VPM) as an Owner Assistance and was promoted to Operations Manager from May 2020 to December 2021. VPM is Veteran-owned manufacture, an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 Rev. D certified CNC precision machine shop. It is also known for Quality Precision, Cost Effectiveness, On-time Delivery, and Manufacturing Standard. Overall, we specialize in manufacturing low to high volume complex precision machined parts that meet client requirements. Since it is a small business, I am responsible for different jobs in the shop. However, my main jobs are conducting outreach for new suppliers based on company needs, negotiating hardware pricing, managing vendor accounts, and communicating with vendors. Regarding vendors’ contracted work, I ensure timely completion and payments, assist with vendor orders by inputting purchase orders into the system, and create a checklist of required step-by-step processes. During the process, I coordinated with the production manager regarding a delivery schedule for shipments ensuring accuracy and compliance and assisting with the daily operation of the shop.

I was fortunate enough to be given an opportunity to work here and mentorship from my VP of Operations. He has taught me how to successfully operate the business and improve efficiency through teamwork and waste management. Moreover, I have learned all value knowledge and skills that would benefit my future career from my coworkers along the way. Although I no longer work at VPM anymore, I believe that all the skillsets and knowledge that I have gained over the time I worked here will stay with me and contribute to my success in the future. I am always proud to be a part of VPM’s growth.

One tip that I have learned from all my previous jobs is that DON’T EVER SELF-DOUBT your ability to do anything because you will not know how capable you are until you do it. I started my career at VPM without any manufacturing experience or engineering background, but I could work it out. I think you can do it too, or even BETTER. Do not waste any opportunities that come your way because of timidity or overthinking. The worst thing that can ever happen is that you lose a job. THAT’S IT. One last thing, Delta Sigma Pi will be an excellent start for you if you haven’t figured out where to start!!! Good luck, and thanks for reading until the end!


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