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Recruitment Countdown Day 4: Vivian Yenson

1. Why did you join Delta Sigma Pi and what have you gained from this organization?

As a freshman in my first year of college, I joined Delta Sigma Pi as an opportunity to learn from experienced individuals and make connections during my college career. During pledging, I learned how to work in large teams with varying opinions and how to handle multiple priorities/tasks at once. While holding positions, I learned how to plan and execute large projects, like planning our first virtual recruitment and executing a pledging program for the largest spring class our chapter had ever seen. I learned how to network after meeting brothers all over the world- when I was studying abroad, attending LEAD conferences, and even as I was navigating virtual recruitment. Over these past three years, Delta Sigma Pi has helped me grow into the leader I am today, for not just the chapter, but also for the entire College of Business & Economics and my very own company @tayho.

2. Tell me about your topic and why you’re passionate about it. How has it impacted you? What made you get into it? Tell us anything you want about it!

If you aren’t able to find a job you love, CREATE ONE. The world would be such a boring place if people just kept doing the same thing and no one brought their new ideas to life. Entrepreneurship isn’t the traditional route that most people want to take, but with great risk comes great reward. If you truly love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. I can tell you that even when I come home exhausted after a stressful day of work, I’m so ready to jump out of bed the next morning and do it all over again.

I’ve always been a huge foodie; I love seeing new food concepts, trying new flavors, and exploring new restaurants. Now, I’m opening my own restaurants. I grew up around a Vietnamese mom & pop restaurant franchise that specializes in a traditional Vietnamese dish called banh cuon. Although this dish is popular with older generations, it became lost with the younger generation - MY generation. So, I decided to bring the Tay Ho franchise back, remodeled and rebranded. Our goal is keep the traditional, authentic Vietnamese recipes, introduce it to new audiences, and let them try an Honest Taste of Vietnam.

Today, I’m incredibly proud to be a female, third-generation, Vietnamese-American business owner and be able to continue my family’s legacy while also sharing my Vietnamese heritage with others.

3. Any advice for prospects?

The only failure is not trying. I’ve learned some many priceless lessons from being in this very fraternity these past 4 years. You’re going to go through so many challenges throughout your college career, but doing it alongside people who have the same hopes and dreams as you do makes it the most memorable experience. I was terrified going to recruitment events and even just talking to a brother, but because I took that leap of faith, it really changed my life forever. I’ve created some of the best memories with Delta Sigma Pi, gained life-long friends, and grew as an individual and I’m sure you will too, when you start your Journey to Success with Delta Sigma Pi.

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