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Recruitment Countdown Day 5: Daniel Tseng

1. Why did you join Delta Sigma Pi and what have you gained from this organization?

I joined Delta Sigma Pi to network with other students and alumnis that are in the same area of study and/or industry/job that I would like to pursue in the future. After joining this organization, I have found myself a home on campus and many individuals that I can call my family. These memories and experiences cannot be gained anywhere else.

2. Tell me about your topic and why you’re passionate about it. How has it impacted you? What made you get into it? Tell us anything you want about it!

My topic is on credit cards and why I’m passionate about it is because of how lucrative it is to have the right ones. People generally have a negative view towards having multiple credit cards or even just having one; however, opening the right cards can actually be unknowingly beneficial for not just building credit but other stuff as well. If you’ve ever seen or thought about taking an aspirational trip on first class and 5 star hotels, you don’t need to pay thousands on thousands for them, credit rewards can do that. And if you are just looking for cash back, you can maximize the the multipliers for your hard earned money.

3. Any advice for prospects?

For all and future prospects, my advice to you would be to grab any and all opportunities you see. DO NOT wait for the right timing because then, you will always be waiting for the right timing. Be proactive and put yourself out there!


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