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Recruitment Countdown Day 7: Eric Torres

1. Why did you join and what did you gain?

I took a break from school and changed my major upon returning to CSUF, so I made joining an organization to help me succeed a priority. I was given a second chance at my education, so I wanted to meet people that were career driven and had members who shared similar interests. I was brand new to the business college and didn’t know Delta Sigma Pi existed, so after hearing a classroom presentation, I thought it was a perfect match! A professional fraternity that was dedicated to having its members thrive in the world post college? Sign me up! I’ll say this a million times, but I gained a support system unlike any other. I made lifelong friends, and mentors who pushed me to do better. I have shoulders to cry on, and Bros who would check my resume and even go over interview questions with me so I was prepared. I gained a sense of self worth through Delta Sigma Pi.

2. Tell me about your topic and why you’re passionate about it. How has it impacted you? What made you get into that?

Hearing the words “Professional business fraternity”, most people would find that intimidating, myself included. Prior to attending any recruitment event, I assumed that I was not qualified to become a member of this prestigious organization. However, after my first recruitment event, I came to find that Delta Sigma Pi is a fraternity that is for anyone and everyone in the business college, no matter their concentration. We have Brothers from every walk of life imaginable and we all respect and inspire each other. I’m concentrating in entertainment hospitality management but have learned so much about finance, accounting, supply chain management, the list goes on.

As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, it was important that I found a place where I was not only accepted, but encouraged to be my authentic self. The chapter welcomed me with open arms and has given me so much in both a professional and personal aspect. Brothers have even gone as far as to speak about LGBTQ+ issues during one of our weekly meetings. To be visible at that capacity meant so much to me.

3. Any advice for prospects?

Don’t talk yourself into not pledging because you feel that you are not where you want to be. I can guarantee you that every Bro is a completely different person than when they pledged in the best possible way. Prior to joining Delta Sigma Pi, I had no professional work experience, no internships, a very weak resume, not even professional attire. Thanks to the chapter, I have 2 internships, a strong resume, lots of interview experience, and I’m holding an executive position within the chapter. Our goal is to help you get to where you want to be. No one is expecting you to have it all figured out from the beginning. Sounds very cliche, but the only person stopping you is you. If you’re a business major and identify with any of our pillars, you’re right for Delta Sigma Pi.

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